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Due Diligence, Background Verification, Covert Operations, Evidence Development, Risk Management, Compliance Audit, SEBI & TAX Advisory, Emails & Server Hacking Inspection, Forensic Service, Cyber Crime Investigation, Financial Frauds Analysis, Handwriting & Fingerprint Examination, Photos/Video Analysis, Expert Advisory, Crime Scene Investigation, Property Disputes, Anti Money Laundering, SEBI & TAX Advisory, Suspect Identification,Research & Analysis etc.


Wide Range of Solutions

eSecure LABS offers customize services based on requirements of clients Forensic Services, Frauds & Crime Investigation, Financial & Banking Frauds, Risk Management, Legal Consultaion, Compliance Advisory, Anti Money Laundering , Civil & Criminal Cases, Covert Operation, Crime Investigation etc.


Expert's Team as Assets

eSecure LABS is having specialized team for all services and proudly associated with morethan 7500+ Professionals Globally. 2500+ LAW & TAX Consultants, 20+ Fingerprint & Handwriting Experts, 40+ Cyber Forensic Experts, 1200+ Chartered Accountants & Company Secretaries etc.


Quick & Effective Results

All the professionals associated with eSecure LABS are holding the experience of minimum 8 years in profession, which helps the organization to understand client's requirements easily. Our Quick Response Strategy & Delivery of Delightful Solutions helps us to grow more in Industry.

Due Diligence & Background Verification

Employee Screening & Background Verification, Corporate & Private Due Diligence, History & Financial Status of Person or Organization, Authenticy of Information shared, Civil & Criminal charges against Individual or Company etc.

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Partner / Customer Due Diligence & Background Screening | Mystery Shopping & Vendor's Due Diligence | Credit Assesment etc.



1 Lakh+ Clients Globally


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50+ Domains & Industries



5L+ cases with 100% results

Risk Consulting & Corporate Advisory

eSecure LABS 'Frauds & Crime Investigation Agency' offers wide range of Investigative Services like: Frauds Insurance Claims and Policies Investigation, Frauds Call Centers and Calls Investigation, Sting Operations, Mystery Shopping, Negative Transitions, Consultation for Regulatory Compliances, Goodwill Protection, Market Intelligence, Privacy Protection, CyberCrime Inspection, Cheque Bounce & Forgery Cases,Employee Protection, Risk Mitigation, ExtraMarital Affairs, Murder or Sucide Investigation etc.

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Crime Scene Investigation & Evidence Development

Crime Scene Investigation includes detailed research about incident, analysis of best possible scenarios caused the incident, identification of every single object which may be holding a potential evidence, Search for Identity of Subject responsible for the incident, Understanding about Subject's mindset & thinking etc.

Example - FingerPrints @ Crime Scene: Identification of Objects to Develop FingerPrints, FingerPrints Development using various methods(Latent, Patent, Plastic & Tape Lifting), FingerPrints Collection, FingerPrints Examination & Prepration of reports for Court proceedings.

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Customize Services for Corporate Clients

Market Intelligence

Detailed Investigation about the strength & weaknesses of an Individual or Entity, Competition & Threats etc.

Frauds Investigation

Risk Identification & Analysis, Audits, Due Diligence & Background verification, Mystery Shopping, AML Proceedings etc.

Digital Forensic

Data Recovery & Network Security, Extraction & Repair of currupted data, Emails Review, Mobile Forensic etc.

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